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One/One Cacao: Airbnb promoting downtown Kingston chocolate tour

Airbnb users from across the world are now able to get a real taste of Jamaica, thanks to Nick Davis of gourmet local chocolate company One/One Cacao, one of a handful of Jamaican ‘experiences’ that the online accommodation marketplace is now promoting, globally.

An unlikely Willy Wonka, Nick has been a friend of mine from when were both journalists, and he’s still the BBC’s Caribbean Correspondent. But sitting on my sofa he’s doesn’t have a clue how many tourists Airbnb will be sending his way to “Create custom bars with a chocolatier”. Given that Airbnb has 150 million users, it could be a few.

“Slightly bricking it,” he shrugs.

Showing tourists the real Jamaica

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One/One Cacao and how Jamaican chocolate can be the world’s best

One/One Cacao chocolate bar

One/One Cacao chocolate bar (Photos: One/One Cacao)

Being a chocolate maker who can’t eat your average chocolate sounds pretty strange. Except, that describes my friend One/One Cacao’s Nick Davis – maker of some of the strongest, most beautiful chocolate you’ll ever experience.

And all because one day after a mystery illness a doctor told Nick that he couldn’t eat food with preservatives anymore, which meant amongst other things, he was off his favourite Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. Which later led him to think … ‘why not make my own?’ with the result being honestly the best I’ve ever eaten.

However, the sadder back story is not Nick’s sweet tooth being pulled out his head; but rather that while Jamaica grows some of the world’s finest cacao, the domestic industry is relatively stagnant, leaving international chocolatiers to pick off the island’s finest raw ingredients to make their finished product taste better. Continue reading