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How Facebook News Feed changes help brands from ruining it/them

psoj social media business conference

Facebook’s news feed changes are terrifying everyone, except everyday people who use Facebook. As Facebook explained, they’ll see more of what their friends are up to, and even less from that page they don’t remember clicking “Like” on.

Why this is actually a good thing for brands is my topic to kick off the annual PSOJ Social Media Business Conference on February 28. I say “good” because it should make brand to consider all social networks more strategically as a ‘social’, and not a spam-the-customer experience. Continue reading


That quietest person has the answer; but we’ll never hear

This other day I’m in another meeting, actually an enjoyable one with a charity, with a couple employees and about 10 volunteers. And at some point we’re trying to figure it out. The it being, why aren’t all volunteers on the project willing to do a certain task?

So I try steering the conversation by considering volunteer motivations and conversely their reservations. This gets a couple useful additions from others. But we’re still not there yet and at the hour mark there’s a few who’ve been resolutely silent: about four.

Addressing two of them, but really asking at the shyest-looking, I ask how they feel about this. I press them a bit. She shuffles, a bit. Continue reading

Social Good

Children who draw their pain

Children who feel they have to kill; children mourning family; and children who just want to escape… Spent some time recently with volunteer Peace Management Initiative (PMI) social workers who do art therapy for children suffering from violence and abuse. Equal parts depressing and inspiring seeing them give up their time helping children come to terms with what they’re living through.

Posted on the UNICEF Jamaica blog: Children who draw their pain