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UNICEF Jamaica: Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce for Mother’s Day

'Being the world's fastest woman was hard work. Being a mom will be more!' More from our Goodwill Ambassador Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce coming tomorrow on #MothersDay. 🥇👶🏾

Geplaatst door Unicef Jamaica op zaterdag 13 mei 2017

For UNICEF I recently got the opportunity to interview Shelly-Ann for Mother’s Day since she’s Jamaica’s Goodwill Ambassador but now of course, also an expectant mom. The Pocket Rocket in real life is exactly as you would expect: laser focused, unfussy and just nice. Here’s the post on the UNICEF blog: As a mother I can do more for Jamaican children – Shelly-Ann

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Facebook helps Jamaica’s search for missing children

Ten per cent of missing children are yet to return home. To help get us closer to 100, Facebook and the Office of the Children’s Registry (OCR) have combined efforts and unveiled an update to their Ananda Alert system; hoping to use local users’ Facebook News Feed to highlight extreme cases, such as child abductions. An encouraging example of organisations collaborating to protect children, credit is due to Hear the Children Cry, International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children, OCR and Facebook.

Jacqueline Charles from The Miami Herald who covered the event and used @UNICEFJamaica’s tweets in her article. You can also read this blog I wrote for UNICEF about the challenges faced getting people to one, file missing children reports; and two, inform police when they are found. Sadly, in this selfie-loving age many parents simply do not provide a photograph to help identify their own children.

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Youths are alright, but the adults…

Getting absent children back to school

“They said how could Roshane get higher marks than us!?” How one student bounced back after missing months of school:

Geplaatst door Unicef Jamaica op vrijdag 16 december 2016

Late last year, the UNICEF team drove to Chester Castle in Hanover to shoot a video about a small but successful partner project getting absentee kids back-in-school. We were there a couple of hours when Roshane Thomas, this businesslike 12-year-old walked up to introduce himself, and like that everyone realised we had the story right there.

Today on his 13th birthday, people have watched his video 950,000+ times; he just got 100 per cent in maths (when previously he was going to school once a month) and he has this wisdom to share with his peers and their parents.

It’s too easy to write off today’s youth as wutless, yet when you work with them you realise that not only is that belief a reflection of us; but that we have just as much to learn from them as we think we have to teach them.


New York Times on ganja

Dusted off my journalism to provide fixing services on this story by the New York Times published online yesterday, which made their newspaper front page today (scroll down).

new york times jamaica ganja marijuana

One of the persons interviewed was Varun Baker and his Ganjagram project, which was featured a couple of times previously on this blog:

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‘Social CEOs’ in Jamaica…I found one!

Graphic: Harvard Business Review

Graphic: Harvard Business Review

In fairness there’s more than one. But the other day I was given a challenge to write a social media guide for local CEOs.

This post I published just now isn’t necessarily a guide, but attempts to outline some of the opportunities that are already available. My (brief) interaction with one CEO in particular certainly gives grounds for optimism.