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Facebook helps Jamaica’s search for missing children

Ten per cent of missing children are yet to return home. To help get us closer to 100, Facebook and the Office of the Children’s Registry (OCR) have combined efforts and unveiled an update to their Ananda Alert system; hoping to use local users’ Facebook News Feed to highlight extreme cases, such as child abductions. An encouraging example of organisations collaborating to protect children, credit is due to Hear the Children Cry, International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children, OCR and Facebook. Continue reading

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Youths are alright, but the adults…

Getting absent children back to school

“They said how could Roshane get higher marks than us!?” How one student bounced back after missing months of school:

Geplaatst door Unicef Jamaica op vrijdag 16 december 2016

Late last year, the UNICEF team drove to Chester Castle in Hanover to shoot a video about a small but successful partner project getting absentee kids back-in-school. We were there a couple of hours when Roshane Thomas, this businesslike 12-year-old walked up to introduce himself, and like that everyone realised we had the story right there. Continue reading

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How in Jamaica do you leave a gang?

kingston jamaica automatic weapons gangs

A gang member here in Kingston. Photo: Peter Dean Rickards

Someone asked that question the other day. Yet if the crime rate is held by many as our biggest problem in Jamaica and gangs being a major factor then it makes sense that as a country we have a national push to get young people out of gangs. But can we name any such programme or initiative? Me, I scratched my head, as did others I asked in turn. Continue reading