SlashRoots Foundation X Code for Africa

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Warning: This is not fake news. You are about to read something positive about journalism in 2018.

SlashRoots Foundation and Code for Africa are working together to give local journalists new and exciting digital tools: enabling them to mine data for new stories; to tell those stories in new and visually exciting ways; to allow their audiences to interact; and not just to confront the problem but to provide a solution too.

Read the full post I published on Medium: Code for Africa wants to help Jamaican journalism stay ahead of the times


Our Jamaica: Hurt is, a story that needs to be released

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A decade ago, I was working for a newspaper in Cayman. Among other things, each day I was expected to find a ‘Person of the Day’ for the newspaper front-page. This meant going on the hot road to stop random people and ask, “Can I take your photo and you tell me something about yourself?”

In a small country where you might recognize your neighbor or friend on the cover, it actually started to sell papers. It reached the point when the newspaper got complaints from Caymanians, because, ‘Why is it always Jamaicans?!’ Jamaicans were simply willing.

Our Jamaica’s Cecile Brown had a similar realization. But Cecile has the rare gift of empathy, to get people to really unburden themselves. She knows that, universally, everyday people might welcome the chance to speak — and who doesn’t want to feel like they matter for a minute. Continue reading