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Two articles I wrote in today’s Sunday Gleaner

The Gleaner today published the final two articles I wrote as part of my work for the World Bank NextGENDERation violence prevention project: successful but underresourced work the Jamaica Constabulary Force is doing to tackle domestic and gender-based violence; and a youth advocate speaking about the merits of using peer counselling to reach those most susceptible to violence.

  • Cops Fighting Abuse – Police Training Communities To Tackle Gender-Based And Domestic Violence
  • Unleash Our Potential – Youth Advocate
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    In the news, Social Good

    What would Jesus do? Street Pastors get the congregation onto the street

    operation save jamaica street pastors


    Weekly thousands of Jamaicans go to church, often to escape the harsh realities of their communities, but what if they instead devoted that time to social work? That’s the idea behind Street Pastors, an initiative which founded in Jamaica become a runaway success in the UK, but is only now gaining sufficient support locally. Continue reading

    In the news, Social Good

    Gleaner Article: Building a Counter-Culture of Peace

    Horace Levy PMI August Town Norman Grindley

    If we have a culture of violence than stands to reason we need to build a counter-culture. This has been the approach, THE SUCCESSFUL APPROACH, taken by the Peace Management Initiative (PMI) in bringing together residents in communities afflicted by violence like August Town, even going as far as to sign peace treaties – as suggested by the gang members themselves! Continue reading