Eyedealist’s death-to-life view of Kingston Streets

matthew mccarthy paint jamaica fleet street

The artist with one of his works on Fleet Street, downtown Kingston. Photo: Ross Sheil

Situated inside Parade Gardens, this empty warehouse has been a place of killing and rapes; and colourful as it is today, police must still hold a peacekeeping presence on a nearby corner. It’s spaces like it that Matthew McCarthy AKA Eyedealist is fascinated with transforming and seeing the impact. An abandoned lot in Cross Roads home to his biggest mural is now under development, on its way to becoming a shopping plaza. Not that he’s taking credit, just a smile at the thought of how his working might have changed how people view their surroundings and possibilities in life. Continue reading

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Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival: Afflicted Yard Tribute

peter dean rickards afflicted yard peter doig studio film club

For Pete’s sake… StudioFilmClub’s Peter Doig (left) and Peter Dean Rickards of The Afflicted Yard.

Five years back, Peter was invited to this same venue (Studio Film Club, Port of Spain) and to be honest, he was a little apprehensive about visiting Trinidad. You see like any good red-blooded Jamaican man, he couldn’t stand soca. Continue reading

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Downtown Kingston: watch movies in the street at Studio 174

All the way from Ukraine, artist Anton Katz is struggling to complete the early evening sound check, what with the wind barrelling down West Street and some highly energetic and good-natured local kids taking turns on the mic.

His job done, in a little under an hour, with a parked car beaming the necessary light, young artists from the community begin their live once-weekly broadcast on Jamartis 93.7FM – all while projections of their work-in-progress films are beamed onto the wall across the road, and curious passing cars.
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