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Paint Jamaica’s new push to brighten up downtown Kingston

paint jamaica kingston

Kingston has a tourist problem. Well, the problem is that the city doesn’t actually have any tourists, thanks to the violence afflicting its inner city communities and a lack of promotion. Yet one of these communities is gradually attracting hundreds of curious visitors based upon the work by a group of artists who got together to help transform the visual environment and brighten the lives of residents. Continue reading


‘Artists of Jamaica’…lots & lots of them

artists of jamaica patasha alek mclean

Patasha ‘Alek’ McLean at work, one of the artists featured on

Someone said to me the other day that there isn’t much of an art scene in Jamaica, which sounds crazy; or is it just that the work is hard to find? Either way, Artists of Jamaica by Paint Jamaica’s Marianna Farag invites artists, like the above, to submit their work to be displayed within a growing online directory so hopefully, y’know, people don’t think PNP or JLP sprayed on walls is the only thing on offer.

View the work or submit your own: