Shooting video with iPhone

This video for UNICEF about Edusport is the first I self-produced: shot with iPhone and edited with Final Cut. Think it worked out OK.

Of course you cannot replicate Martin Scorsese with a smartphone, but you will be surprised with what you can do. There are plenty resources to learn (yes YouTube), and for editing with Final Cut try
this free entry-level course by Ripple.

So far I have noticed some things good, some things bad; and a list of things I need to learn. However, preparation, knowing your story and accompanying shots is going to be fundamental regardless of whether the approach is a full production crew or you alone.

The good:

  • Using a smartphone gets you humanly closer to your subject.
  • Available equipment such as mics.
  • Most video is viewed on mobile so why not shoot there too!
  • Cost and flexibility.

The bad:

  • Jamaica is hot! Shooting 4K iPhone sometimes shuts itself down.
  • Other technical limitations, such as zooming sucks.
  • Always be on airplane mode or lose your work when it rings.
  • Editing basics are forgotten quicker than learned.

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