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How Facebook News Feed changes help brands from ruining it/them

psoj social media business conference

Facebook’s news feed changes are terrifying everyone, except everyday people who use Facebook. As Facebook explained, they’ll see more of what their friends are up to, and even less from that page they don’t remember clicking “Like” on.

Why this is actually a good thing for brands is my topic to kick off the annual PSOJ Social Media Business Conference on February 28. I say “good” because it should make brand to consider all social networks more strategically as a ‘social’, and not a spam-the-customer experience.

Past News Feed changes have meant declining reach and engagement for pages, which while protecting the social experience for individuals, means brands have to buy more ADS; or be more creative. One client who refused to heed warnings contained in previous changes lost 33% reach and engagement in one fiscal quarter. By any metric of business that’s not a good look!

For several years I’ve been advising clients to not only consider what’s going on with Facebook, but to treat it and every social platform as part of a wider mix, including potential integration with traditional media. Brands that do achieve return on investment (ROI) are those that have a balance between those they “own” e.g. a solid mobile web app vs those they “rent”, such as Facebook.

The conference theme #LikesToProfits is intended to help attendees move their thinking away from vanity metrics like Likes – and towards actual business impact. Going back to treating social media as “social” media, which news feed is twisting our arm to do, I believe is step #1 towards this.

Following speakers will be bringing their expertise; actual case studies of what they’ve achieved; educating us about the wider process of digital transformation here in the Caribbean; global best practices; and the panel discussion will consider best practices for brands and agencies working together.

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