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My most challenging project in life

About two years ago I was in the hospital for the birth of my son when I got a call from UNICEF asking if I would consult for them. “YES!” was the only reply.

Having donated to UNICEF in the past, and now a dad, the timing and the opportunity couldn’t have been better, not least because of the on-the-job training it provides me for my most challenging client yet. He turns two this December.

The first 1,000 days have a profound effect on the rest of our child’s life. Meanwhile as first-time parents fumbling along, that’s me, we are handed a onetime chance to sleeplessly and selflessly shape this expanding ball of pure human energy.

Nothing is more profound for me than the results of The Jamaica Study, famous worldwide among early childhood development practitioners, which provided quality early childhood interventions to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. By adulthood they were earning 25% more than their peers. How’s that for impacting national development!

Recently I put together a couple of blogs to accompany UNICEF’s release of UNICEF’s Early Moment Matter for every child report. Whether you’re a parent or an early childhood specialist I hope these can be of use:


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