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‘Your workshop got my social media career started’

Stuart Smellie Digita Global Marketing

Stuart Smellie

Stuart Smellie is Senior Social Media Manager and Trainer at Digita Global Marketing. Stuart attended one of my social media strategy workshops at the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication. Contact CARIMAC/UWI to register for the next one on June 22.

Before your workshop my only with social media was pretty much my personal Facebook and Twitter as well as a catering and photography company. While I had a like for social I was nowhere near professional but when I attended your workshop I got a completely different level of exposure.

You didn’t go too far down the rabbit hole but rather you got me thinking about social media in a way that it hadn’t been before. After learning about strategy and how to think through entire campaigns, learning about what works versus what doesn’t I was able to think about it a more structured and professional way.

Gave me the ability to create a strategy

Months afterwards, when I had my interview with my now boss, I felt I didn’t stand a chance because they had very serious clients that demand the highest in execution and discretion. The only reason he gave me the chance was because I told him that I went to this workshop so it wasn’t like he had to start off fully from scratch with me as I knew how to draw up a calendar and could craft a strategy fundamentally.

The core competencies, the core knowledge, the core understanding of social I got from the workshop was valuable not just to myself but others there who I spoke to during breaks. In truth, I found you very informative and open to us, allowing us to open up more to that world. You planted the seed of getting context and your market right and that has continued to serve me well to this day.

Best-in-class examples plus local insight

You clearly did your research when you did your case studies it wasn’t like you just picked the top 3 results in Google! You went and looked for stuff that would make sense and illustrate the point as well as being relatable to everyone in the room. That is something I really give thanks for, context makes all the difference in our world.

I would say to people who you don’t yet have an understanding and even those who think you’re hot s***, go and do this workshop. It points you in the right direction and gives you an excellent starting point if you want to start taking social media a little more seriously – for me it’s really been an excellent stepping stone.

Contact CARIMAC/UWI to register for the next workshop on June 22.


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