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Getting absent children back to school

“They said how could Roshane get higher marks than us!?” How one student bounced back after missing months of school:

Geplaatst door Unicef Jamaica op vrijdag 16 december 2016

Late last year, the UNICEF team drove to Chester Castle in Hanover to shoot a video about a small but successful partner project getting absentee kids back-in-school. We were there a couple of hours when Roshane Thomas, this businesslike 12-year-old walked up to introduce himself, and like that everyone realised we had the story right there.

Today on his 13th birthday, people have watched his video 950,000+ times; he just got 100 per cent in maths (when previously he was going to school once a month) and he has this wisdom to share with his peers and their parents.

It’s too easy to write off today’s youth as wutless, yet when you work with them you realise that not only is that belief a reflection of us; but that we have just as much to learn from them as we think we have to teach them.


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