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Launching on Facebook Free Basics, new blog for UNICEF

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There’s actually solutions to many of Jamaican society’s problems available right here on the island. I’m blessed that my work with UNICEF provides an opportunity to highlight some of the solutions and not just the problems.

The UNICEF Jamaica blog aims to help the organisation and its partners to generate conversations around successful programmes to benefit children that the news cycle otherwise misses out on. These programmes might be those that reduce violence against children; improve their health or expand their learning potential.

We’ll blog at least once per week with UNICEF partners being key contributors. At launch the blog features a post about Jamaican families and child disabilities; young director Gabrielle Blackwood describes Jamaican teen actors portraying their own harsh realities in her film Bully; how Edusport uses physical games to raise grades; and how PMI activist Milton Tomlinson, once mixed up with gun crime himself, became a role model to Kingston youths.

Free Basics X Internet of Good Things

Free Basics is Facebook’s project to provide free access to a stripped down version of its service, messaging, popular sites like BBC and educational content. Partnering with Free Basics is UNICEF’s Internet of Good Things initiative, which aims to provide access to life and educational content to children who otherwise lack Internet access.

When launching Free Basics in each country, Facebook partners with local mobile network operators. So in Jamaica you won’t need any data on your Digicel SIM when accessing Free Basics via your mobile phone’s web browser; or the Android app. Opening the Free Basics homepage you’ll find each of the three zero-rated Internet of Good Things sites bookmarked:

Facts for Life gives tips to helps children and their parents keep them healthy e.g. Zika.
All In gives advice on sexual health and protection against HIV/AIDS.
Connect Smart gives tips about staying smart online.


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