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Help young artists break out … go see Edna final year show!

“It’s about a girl trying to get out of a room, which is what any skilled person in Jamaica can relate to, trying to get their work out of the country,” says Jennille Brown about her animation project, Ex Nihilo, part of the final year show at Edna Manley College.

At the end of their college careers, Jenille’s fellow students will be facing a similar dilemma. In her case to get a 9-5 to finish her animation project, which at least in its current state looks like it should be showing at a film festival someplace else.

A friend from the Edna community tells me that the work in this year’s show hasn’t hit the level of previous years. Which if true makes me curse myself for having always meant to but never made it to the show.

Some of the concepts and the execution point to a bright future, or at least you hope so. Not to get stuck indefinitely behind a PC screen banging out flyers or something, head nodding onto the desk.

Kerron Clarke for instance, the artist who I went to see, is just 21 years old but illustrated her book Pick-Ni Cherry and with her team of collaborators created the animated film above putting adults in the shoes who suffer abuse. Watch it here, but better yet, go to the show!

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