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What we’ll learn at my social media workshop with CARIMAC/UWI next month

Slowly but surely in Jamaica, we’re accepting the idea that we’re living in a truly mobile world where social media can help decide the result of a general election. Meantime, businesses islandwide are trying to understand how to get more returns from mobile/social and, as the winning party did, give their brand a leg up over the competition.

Together with CARIMAC/UWI last year I did one social media workshop – and thanks to demand another one – designed to help professionals answer the same challenge to drive more results from social media. Since then I’ve gone on to do workshops for individual clients in sectors from food and beverage to finance; and continued to do my own research, such as attending last week’s Mobile Marketing Association Leadership Forum in New York to gain fresh insights from the likes of Samsung, Facebook and Coca-Cola.

Jamaican insights based upon research and campaigns/strategies I’ve led locally will, of course, be integral – as the workshop contents wouldn’t be much use if they weren’t applicable in your day jobs!

social media training carimac jamaica

Attendees can look forward to a significantly updated and improved version of the workshop (both sold out last year). Each ‘team’ will be assigned a brand/organisation at the start to build and present a strategy at the end – with each of the workshop units equipping and building them up to do so. The idea is that once you go back to work the next Monday you’ll be fully prepared to not only achieve but show real results for your efforts and gain support throughout the business.

Key topics covered throughout the workshop include: evolution of social media strategy; integration with business goals; advocates and influencers; content and brand strategy; how to create content and talk to customers; monitoring, responding and reporting; online tools to support social media; creating a winning campaign; and finally, presentation and stress testing of strategies.

To register, contact Olivia Bravo at the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC) at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona at or +1 876-977-2111


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