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Gleaner Article: Building a Counter-Culture of Peace

Horace Levy PMI August Town Norman Grindley

If we have a culture of violence than stands to reason we need to build a counter-culture. This has been the approach, THE SUCCESSFUL APPROACH, taken by the Peace Management Initiative (PMI) in bringing together residents in communities afflicted by violence like August Town, even going as far as to sign peace treaties – as suggested by the gang members themselves!

Right now PMI head Damian Hutchinson would like to extend this approach to Tivoli Gardens but as to why this isn’t happening, why the approach hasn’t been adopted nationwide … beats me. For now please read my interview with Damian in today’s Sunday Gleaner, the third is an series of articles I wrote for The World Bank’s NextGENDERation violence prevention programme.

Recommend also reading his short book Interrupting Violence, Mainstreaming High Risk Youth, Empowering and Rebuilding Communities.


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