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Get hugs from your CEO, not bruises. Practical advice for social media managers

Everyone loves social media, right; and with all the big data it produces then why as social media managers do we complain of a struggle to prove return on investment and gain internal support?

It might be because as social media professionals we’re not taken seriously enough; or perhaps we haven’t yet presented a workable strategy to take a more social business approach. What follows are seven practical solutions to make it work, takeaways from my recent workshop at CARIMAC:

  1. Start being social internally. Social media is more than marketing and so you’ll want to engage colleagues, perhaps forming a cross-department team, which can meet to agree a weekly content calendar.
  2. Advocacy. Encourage colleagues to create, share and then track what they’re doing – perhaps ‘incentivising’ this. HR and PR might just love you for this. Platforms are available, such as Trapit or Silverstone (used by Nokia South Africa in the video above).
  3. Stop blocking. Workers can get social media on their mobile phones, so preventing access on their work computers might do little more for you than embitter them against helping the company. With a comprehensive strategy you might just be able to persuade your CEO and IT department of the greater good.
  4. Analytics and reporting. CEOs like reports, as you should also as they help justify your place on the payroll! At the very least you can use free tools like Facebook Insights to demonstrate and demystify your day-to-day actions.
  5. Track activity. Having made friends with your IT department you will ensure that Google Analytics is set up on the website so that you can now track your clickthroughs from social media.
  6. Calculating ROI itself. Easier said than done, but you do have options: tracking is one way; engagement as a metric can be justified somewhat by social media’s growing role in the sales funnel from awareness onwards; and you can show earned media value of organic social media results vs. equivalent social media advertising cost; or even benchmark vs earned PR value.
  7. More than social media. Don’t forget to use other useful online assets available to you including blogs, email and chat apps, which don’t only support your social media efforts but might deliver greater results.

Thanks to everyone who attended the workshop and provided such great feedback. If you didn’t apply in time first time around, there’s good news – we’re repeating end of August.

Please contact Olivia Bravo at CARIMAC by email or telephone +1 876-977-2111


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