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How LA Lewis Trended 7 On Twitter Worldwide

The Real LA LEWIS – Entertainment Report May 25, 2012 from The Real LA LEWIS on Vimeo.

This wasn’t supposed to happen*. Other deejays need to be jailed (or jailbreak) to trend worldwide on Twitter. Yet all LA Lewis did was appear on TVJ’s Entertainment Report last night and announce his new career as a ‘conceptional artist’.

“A lot of artist win Grammy and sell platinum records but LA Lewis actually sell his brief!” he told openmouthed viewers. Add to that appearances by music producer Diplo and London-based art curator Rachael Barrett, Twitter promptly blew up (see screenshot I took below); with the chatter on the social network concentrated in a rapid burst of tweets, thanks to the segment being relatively short at under 4:00 minutes in duration.


Think about all that for a second? What it speaks to is massive popular interest. Artists with higher profiles were featured on ER. And did they trend? Just LA for a window in time.

Reality is, Lewis has real character and people identify with him as a struggler. Downtown, in Trench Town where’s he’s from and on the road – regular people have ratings for him. There is tangible interest abroad too.

With a UK art show planned for later this year, and other projects in the works, LA could get even more shocking…


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