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A friend works the front desk at a popular resort on the North Coast. Working nights she’s had a fair few experiences. Inevitably, and to my shame, she claims that the British give the most trouble – often complaining to get a free stay/free anything (I can vaguely remember a show back home about ‘rip-off holidays’). What follows are 5 incident reports from the hotel, edited only to change the names of the guests in order to protect their dignity, when sober…

#1: ‘Shirtless Black Jamaican Man’

Mr. Brown and Ms. Blue of room # 112 was given a room change to room # 120 early this morning. The guests reported that there was a, “Shirtless Black Jamaican Man” that was trying to break into the room via their balcony. They said they shouted at the man to go away as 112 was not his room but the man insisted on gaining entry by saying, “Just Let Me In”. Security was on the scene within minutes of receiving the distress call. Patrick (One of two officers that came) and I searched the entire property for the man described. We did not find the man. Interestingly enough there were no foot prints on the balcony. This was strange considering that the room on the ground floor and the grass was wet and muddy. I personally moved the guests to another ground floor. This was their request. They did not want to give up being on the beach level. After the room change the guests said they would like to be upgraded. He was advised that none was available but he said that’s what it would take to compensate for the inconvenience.

#2: ‘Domestic disturbance’

Guests of room # 225 telephoned the Operator at 3:00am to inform her that guests occupying room # 224 (Mr. Pink & Ms. Orange) were having a major fight. Security and I went to the room at 3:05am. We could hear the lady of the room from as far as the elevator on the floor. I knocked on the door. A naked man appeared at the door looking very teary eyed. The lady could not be seen. For quality assurance purposes, Ian and I asked to see the lady just to ensure that all was well. She refused to come to the door. She said she was naked and was in no mood to put on clothes or speak with anyone. I could see clothes that had been thrown all over the floor from the doorway. Judging from the trembling man in front of us we knew the lady was in charge of the situation. We addressed them both from the door. We asked them to quietly settle their differences or at least discuss their issues quietly as they were disturbing the other guests. I told them that if the fight continued I would ask them to leave the resort or purchase an additional room for the other partner to stay the night. They both agreed to be quite. After walking away for five minutes we could hear the noise starting once more. We returned to the room once again we politely asked for them to be respectful of the other guests and retire for the night. There have been no more complaints.

#3 ‘Pier 1 pum pum


Guests of room # 529 (Three Men) Mr. Blonde, Mr. Green and Mr. Black were very angry when they were prevented from taking three women to their room after returning from Pier 1. John Brown was first to return with two ladies and after a rather lengthy period of explaining to Mr. Blonde the reason we needed to charge the two ladies for one night stay at 4:00am (Rate quoted was US$80.00pp) This was paid. Mr. Green & Mr. Pink arrived approximately 30 minutes later with a single female. They were shouting on top of their voices by the main security entrance when they were told by the Supervisor that they would be required to pay for a night pass even though it was after 4:00am in the morning. They agreed to pay for her after several uncomplimentary statements were made. I explained to the guests that all guests need to be accounted for. They reluctantly paid. By 6:00am two of the ladies had already left the property. Only one of the three women is still on property.

#4 ‘Frolicking in the fountain’

It was reported that Mr. Red was seen jumping in the fountain in front of the restaurant and swimming around, while being asked to stop one of the ladies in his group decided to jump in as well. It was later realised that they were highly intoxicated. I was alerted to the incident and when I got there the lobby floor was already wet from Mr. Red standing in the lobby cussing at the front office director for asking them to get out of the fountain, the guests later apologised for behaving so badly. Guests are checking out today.

#5 ‘Booze yes, clothes no’

Mr. Purple was seen wandering around the lobby area, intoxicated and naked, I approached and inquire what was his room number, he was unable to dell due to his level of intoxication, I asked his name and had the front desk check the system to identify his room number, I got him a towel and assisted him back to his room.

Photo: Peter Dean Rickards/The Afflicted Yard


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